Future Landscape Questions …

Some sample 'CLOSING' Landscape QUESTIONS to consider?

What is the most important factor (other than Budget) ... in your Design plan?
List your Design needs?  Entertainment, Garden, Children's Play, Hobby, Business, etc?
Will you grow 'TIRED' of your new plan?  Is it Expandable?
Selling your property?  What landscape features will 'INCREASE' Real Estate values?

Contractor performing work?  If YOU - is there enough calendar time to complete project?
Which Yard zone is Priority?  Front, Backyard or Service areas?  Which area needs immediate attention?
What is more COST effective?  Pruning, Renovating or Installing New?
Describe difference between a Mass Merchandiser & Tree Nursery?

Will new plan affect neighbours?  Need a permit?
Will wind, water 
run-off, topography affect design plans?
What Design SHAPE best compliments your yard surroundings?
Will new Design STYLE or COLORS clash with existing 'Architectural' features?
Can new plan showcase 'WINTER' Landscaping?

Remember  ... Landscape Design is developing / manipulating  'Outside Rooms'
Take your time, enjoy & Happy Designing!

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